About Us

It all started with one man, a couple of traps and a whole lot of faith! Then it turned into a passion that expanded into his own successful business, Coyotes Plus. Following in his foot steps his daughter picked up the love for trapping and they both decided to make it into a family business. Everything is local based ingredients right here in the heart of South Carolina with us testing each bait and lure in Spring, Summer,Fall and Winter with remarkable success. We take pride in what we do and the products we sell. But most importantly we take pride in the people we get to share these products with and the stories we get to tell along with the catches we get to see! Our family and friends are what make us Raw Dawg Bait and Lures! 

We do offer limited Trapping supplies as well! 

To Inquire about the Trapping supplies send an email to Rawdawgbaitandlures@gmail.com

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